Lead OnePack Stabilizers

Ducatus has a reputation for innovation, quality and realibility when it comes to basic stabilizing components in PVC processing. Our R&D Centre engineers design and develop tailormade solutions to meet the specific industrial needs.

Ducatus Lead OnePacks are non-dusting flakes of consistent quality with extraordinary heat and adequate UV stabilization characteristics.

Products Features

Ducatus OnePacks are excellent choice for wide range of PVC Pipes like thick-wall higher diameter to thin wall Electrical conduits. Other products where the usage is applicable are:

  • Column Pipes
  • Pressure Pipes
  • Casing Pipes
  • Plumbing Pipes
  • Rigid Profiles

The additives and lubricants should be used with great care and under experts supervision. We offer custom solutions to our customers who require specific products. Please contact us with a specific request. Recommended dosage instructions are available at request for free.


Name Form Pbo% Packing
Ducatus 7305 P15 Flakes 35 25 KGs & 50 KGs
Ducatus 3248 IP27 Flakes 28 25 KGs
Ducatus 9254 IP30 Flakes/Powder 24 25 KGs

Not enough? We have predefined formulations for our regular customers. However, if you wish to get a product customized, we're the best fit for you. Please contact us and get tailormade chemical solutions for all your needs.

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Ducatus Technical Data Sheets should provide you with all the necessary parametric datas.

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