About Ducatus

Ducatus is a coporation which presents itself as one of leading manufacturers of Additives & Lubricants best used by the PVC Industry.

The expert team at Ducatus serves some of the largest corporations all across the globe. Stationed in Asia, Ducatus serves the PVC Cables, Wires & Pipes Industry through their custom made additives and lubricants.

Innovations for a better tomorrow, Ducatus belives in a collective vision for a better and environment-friendly tomorrow. We have developed lead-free additives for the multiple industries. By putting our resources on the Research & Development Centre of the group, we have stayed ahead of most of the players in the market. The developed Additive is of stringent quality and inexpensive.

The central labratory of Ducatus is equipped with world-class tools fit to deliver best results, which inturns, helps our customers.

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